We supply constant range of available products, The products, that we are dealing with are always natural and quality-checked, from reputable manufacturers only. 

What we do

Our Global Meat Trading group works with importers and exporters in over 70 countries worldwide to supply our products to meat processors, wholesalers, food service distributors and retailers. We trade all the major meat proteins including pork, beef and poultry.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide our suppliers and customers with an exceptional level of service. This includes confirmation and delivery of consistent specifications, timely shipment and delivery of goods and special attention to managing our valued business relationships. Our commitment to exceptional service has earned us a reputation as a stable and reliable trading partner recognized to operate at the highest level of integrity.

  • PORK LEG, Square cut
  • Shelving and Cases
  • General Handyman Services

Chicken Meat

The chicken meat we offer is natural, non-processed, air chilled and containing maximum 2% of water.

Pork Meat



Our world class global distribution platform delivers beef and lamb to customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Using leading manufacturing technology we can maximise the quality and specification of our products to ensure it meets specific customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

From our lush green environment and temperate climate, Austria has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the world’s finest beef.

Parvasicsrl beef is versatile, nutritious and quite simply the be


we embark on beating the big box prices by bringing to you our products with at most affordable prices, yet at top quality. We are committed to developing strong partnerships with local farmers to source high-quality products for our clients, both at home and overseas. We have an extensive product range encompassing beef, lamb, veal, chicken and pork.

“In 35 years, we’ve made our share of mistakes. The important thing for us is that we’ve learned from them and don’t repeat them,” Pasetti says. “You kind of know when your strategy is not working, or you know you’re not staying true to yourselves. That friction starts rising and you must course correct. So, the sooner you course correct, the better off you are.”

Prosavicsrl has continually grown over its long history and intends keep growing.

We are experienced

We Have Over 35 Years of Experience in The Industry

With 35 years in the business, Prosavicsrl has seen many changes in the market and made plenty of strategic adjustments along the way. The company always has and always will focus on the Beef, Poultry , Lamb and Veal but outside demands and seemingly legitimate opportunities will always present distractions that a processor with the kind of longevity Prosavicsrl has must deal with.



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Providing the Highest Quality Carpentry Services In the Area

You can choose and order from a variety of meat cuts, including a limited range of lamb and chicken . . All available online from the comfort of your home. All our products are “A” Grade Hungarian Beef and Lamb, sourced only from approved abattoirs who ensure certain standards of animal welfare. We are firm believers that good quality shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

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